Sunday, October 3, 2010


i started to read blog posts this morning and stopped when i read Kim's ... she is so creative and organized and quiltically prolific ... she can take just one little hour long nap ... we all know that if i take a nap it isn't gonna be for just an hour - i might wake up sometime the next day ... and then tidy ... and sew ... and tidy some more ... all evening ... and take the time to blog about it before she turns in for the night ... i was especially intrigued by the two hour break that she took in the middle of tidying to put together an entire quilt top...

maybe ... just MAYBE ... if i took a two hour break from cleaning the magick shoppe and SEWED i wouldn't have so many surprises the NEXT time i decided to tidy up ... i found the stack of apron fabric (again) yesterday...future aprons of america
and i said to myself

self - these here aprons ain't never gonna get did if'n you don't stop doin' other stuff and git 'em done

and then ... and then i went outside to mow the lawn ... but first i had to rake rotten apples ... and cut back the tree that decided to grow toward the magick shoppe's window ... and prune back some of the barberries that were growing toward the sidewalk ... and pull some very tall weeds that were taking over the wall ... and water the garden and planters that Auntia planted last spring and both of us have lost interest in ... and then put all of the tools away ... and sweep the drive ... and hose down the door mat ...... i dunno ... maybe i don't really want to make those aprons ... maybe the fabrics will get lost in the shoppe again ... and the next time i find them i will heed the voice inside my head ...... or maybe not ...... and maybe ... just MAYBE if the voice didn't sound like Jed Clampett i would be more inclined to listen to it


  1. Ha ha ...I can so relate. Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Ha! See? That's my secret--I don't wander off and do any outside chores. Ever! LOL!

  3. uhhh, did you ever get to mowing the lawn! I've had Gobble Gobble leftovers out since I made "Eat More Pie", last September, for Thanksgiving aprons...didn't make them last year, not look'n good for this year!

    We could start a club, Families Without Aprons

  4. Woman's work is never done.....woman's aprons are never made either......I have apron fabric still not cut so join the club.....

  5. Holy Cow -- how could you possibly have time to make a few little aprons? You need a pool boy LOL!