Wednesday, July 8, 2009

hit the ball ... drag charlie

it's an old (very old) joke about four golfing buddies ... during the course of their 18 holes of golf, charlie has a heart attack and dies ... a real tragedy for the remaining three golfers - who spend the rest of the game hitting the ball and dragging charlie ... hey - i didn't say it was an old joke in good taste ...
...and that is how i feel about my three - yes, three - weed whackers ...... i am not good with gas powered tools - i almost always go for electric ... my george foreman grill is electric and my lawn mower is electric and my stove is electric ... and it only stands to reason that my weed whacker would be electric ... i have one that has two lines threaded through some kind of mysterious eyelets that i cannot figure out, and one that is a bump to release ... the two-timer never made it past the first run did i mention that i cannot figure out how to thread the new line through? and the bump to release lost its spring not that bumping ever worked to release the line anyway ... i'm just saying and i have to unscrew the dial doohickey, feed through some more line, re screw the dial doohickey and then whack for about four feet ... then unscrew the dial doohickey, feed through some more line, re screw the dial doohickey and whack for about four feet ... you get the idea - hit the ball ... drag charlie... this spring i got the brilliant idea of buying a new weed whacker and trimming my lawn without the usual hassle......Auntia put it together for me ... she even read the directions...
...and this is what happened the second time i used it ... it wouldn't bump and release (big surprise) so i put in a brand new reel ... i whacked a total of fifteen feet along the front wall and all of the line was gone ... i found the empty reel over by the spruce tree ... and bits and pieces of blue line all over the front yard ... i was lucky - it could have put my eye out!!! so i put the whole mess back in the garage and decided that i would never, never, never trim the lawn again...that nasty mess in the upper right hand corner is strawberry bird poop - it is disgusting
...till today ...... i took a good look at the shaggy mess of grass and weeds growing up the wall and decided that i would have to return to weed whacker hell ...... the front and the back are cut and trimmed ... it took me ten times longer than it should have but it is done ...... till next week ...... hit the ball ... drag charlie


  1. Like I say, those of us who are beautiful can't have technical brains as well.......

  2. OMGosh! I was lol so much my DH and son came into the kitchen to see what was going on. I read you blog post to them and they joined in the lol. Not at you - you described so well some "been there, done that" memories in wrestling with our lawn equipment. Boy, oh, boy! Only suggestions they could come up with is go to Bliss Power tools is you have one in your area. They know my guys personally and have always helped them with the lawn equipment we use. All of our sons have cut lawns in the neighbourhood, so our equipment has to work and not "kill" them or the lawn they were working on.


  3. LOL....I am banned from using the weedeater at my house. Last time I used it I not only whacked my calf...ouch...I whacked a little tree and made it grow crooked. Hubby was not as concerned about my leg as he was the tree...I still offer to help him once in awhile, but nope he won't let me...hehehehe

  4. Once more into the fray, huh?! Wear protective eyewear next time!