Saturday, July 18, 2009

girls go to mars

to get more candy bars ...... have you heard about the Mars Real Chocolate Relief Act? ... on fridays from now until september you can go to the Mars website and get free chocolate if you are among the first 250,000 people to sign in ...... it takes 6-8 weeks to receive the coupon in the mail ...... by the time mine arrived, i had forgotten all about it ... the next time i went grocery shopping i took the coupon with me and received a free Milky Way ... it was on sale for 50 cents and i think that by the time Mars paid for the full-color, flashy, card-stock coupon and postage it probably cost them less than a dollar to give me my free chocolate ... i'm not complaining - the Milky Way was yummy ... as a matter of fact, i ate Auntia's free candy bar, too because she left it in the refrigerator for more than 24 hours and that made it mine ... she made up for it the next time we went shopping by loading the cart with candy packages that had Transformers logos on them... ...she even bought some that were strawberry and peanut butter flavored which should be good - who doesn't love a peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich - but these were spit-out-of-your-mouth nasty tasting things that should never have been developed let alone marketed to small children and their aunties who are obsessed with Transformers packaging ... it took another trip to the store to find a package with Bumblebee ... and i don't even want to talk about the journey to three different 7-elevens to find Slurpee cups with Bumblebee on them because i was incredibly ill after slurping a banana-flavored one so that she could have the cup and came very, very close to going to the ER on the fourth of july and i will never, never, never buy another Slurpee ... i dunno what she's gonna do with empty candy wrappers and Slurpee cups ... maybe she'll blog about it someday and let us all know

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  1. ROTFLMAO....sorry that you were sick, but thanks for the laugh! Oh and thanks for the useful information on free chocolate! :o)