Monday, July 27, 2009

all the way from sunny sacramento

Gran had a blog giveaway a few days ago and her son (i don't remember - was it Frick or was it Frack?) picked MY number ... woo hoo!!! and so a package arrived and it had all of these goodies in it...
...those little halloween pins are cute - someday i'm gonna make witch hat pincushions (using Kim's directions) for our sewing table and i'm gonna share those little jewels with Auntia ... the bunny pattern will look sweet for easter - have to do Hocuspocusville first - or maybe not ... and i am in love with the Australian quilting magazine (i was gonna read one at Barnes & Noble but people kept walking by and getting in my light - sheesh!) ... thank you so much, Gran - i'm lovin' all of it!


  1. You are welcome! The Give Away was fun! Enjoy!

  2. Ha! Gran gave me some of those pins for my birthday, so you and I can be twins! And you know what's pretty funny? I forgot about the witch's hat pincushions! Goofy me! Okay, you can be the twin that got the brain.

    You know what else? I've been emailing with the "other" Anne--the one who embroidered and quilted that runner for Anne Sutton/Bunny Hill. (Her blog is She just machine quilted right over the embroidery in a cross-hatch pattern with a light weight white thread and it looks just great!

    Oh, and one final thing. You're obviously on a winning streak, so you might want to pop over to my blog and enter my giveaway.