Saturday, June 11, 2011

breakfast of champions

if i get any behinder ... well ... i just might catch up with myself
let's see ... where did i leave off ... memorial weekend ... three days off ... what to do ... what to do ... oooo! i know!!!

first, start with a nutritious breakfast...Auntia - in her Pirates of the Caribbean mouse ears - and breakfast - Whoppers and Butterfingers and Dots
and follow it up with a little break...ooooo!!! air conditioning and Hot. Men. inside!!!
stop for a little sight-seeing...Auntia and Captain Jack Sparrow - why do sweet young things always go for the bad boys?!?
and then do it again...Thor ( the movie, not the sewing machine) and Dots and Raisinets - who could ask for more?!?
and when we weren't gorging on candy and gawking at the silver screen, we found time to honor our dead...lives well-lived
and visit the living...Little Nonnie (on one of her better days) and Auntia
and clip some wings...a gazllion flying geese, give or take a dozen or two

i cooked hamburgers and hot dogs with fire and mowed ... Auntia planted and watered ... we cleaned and laundered and weeded ... and laughed a lot and cried a bit and talked ... and laughed some more ... a sip or two of wine ... aaaaaahhhhh!!!


Mama Spark said...

Gosh, sounds like the perfect weekend!

Gretchen said...

Wonderful way to spend the long weekend! Sounds like the best!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful baby girl! You've made me think that maybe, maybe, our first grandson isn't a figment of our imagination. It's so hard to imagine babies before they're here and then it's impossible to imagine them not being here.

Re your kind offer - wow. Do you really mean it?

Your blog is one of those for which Blogger is forcing me to be Anon. but actually I'm Isabelle. I wish Blogger would fix itself!

Thelma said...

Haven't been to Thor, thought Pirates was a little flat. What would you do without Aunita? Great ears! What's up with all those geese? I love 'em!

Shannon said...

That sounds awesome! I have yet to see a summer movie.... Michael took Alex to see Kung Fu panda yesterday.

Am I seeing things or do Nonnie and A a lot alike--a couple of generations apart, of course?