Thursday, March 23, 2017

sum day

me: you really need to get started on those crayon wallets.
myself: yeah, i'll get to them.
me: when?
myself: someday.
me: there are seven days in a week, but someday isn't one of them.

i hate it when i guilt myself into things...


someday ended up being sunday
and monday 
and tuesday
and wednesday...
puppies and daisies and crayons - what's not to love?
it's a good thing that i DID start on them cuz i don't have enough Puppy Love fabric
so i ordered more from Over the Rainbow

buttons are sewn on all the fronts
 eight are turned and ready to press and topstitch
 two are done 
and three more can be finished before i run outta fabric...

two down 
and thirty to go...

Stop counting crayons, just draw pictures.
Mark Scharenbroich


  1. They are so stinking cute! That whole class is going to love you! I hope you get at a sugary cupcake kiss out of this project.


  2. I admire your stamina. I must have Quilt Attention Deficit Disorder 'cause I'd rather stick pins in my eyes than do the same project 32 times... but those kids are going to be thrilled and put you forward for canonization!

  3. 32! The whole class! You are indeed a fairy godmother, and the wallets are very cute.

  4. OR you are insane. I'm going with that one! Seriously you win the grandma gig today! Lucky kids. Are you putting crayons in all of them too? And WHY are you making them? They don't deserve such a great gran!

  5. These are sooooo adorable! Some lucky kids are in for a treat!