Thursday, March 2, 2017


pieces of fabric on the wall
2550 pieces of fabric
take 17 down 
and sew them around
2533 pieces of fabric on the wall...
yes, yes those ARE boxes of Irish Spring - i put the leftover slivers that are too small to use in the shower into the new bar's box, and then place it in with stuff that i don't want getting stinky
and if i had made the 150 buffalo that way
i might have gone a little cuh-ray-zee 
and started trying to write new lyrics to 100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall...
okay, okay - a little cuh-ray-zee-ER...
i'm just sayin'


after making the first four beasts 
and finding that i SHOULD HAVE TESTED the left-facing pattern - i'd made 50 copies already - ugh - there is no way they could have survived on the quilt prairie with their humps on backwards and their front legs where grass was supposed to be
i knew that i had to come up with some kinda plan...
i wanted to use scraps and stash that i've been hoarding saving - which meant that i couldn't just cut four 2 browns for the buffalo, green for grass, and blue for sky pieces of yardage into 17 groups of workable pieces...
i measured and tested, just to be sure the sizes for each of the 17 pieces
head - middle - butt ... cuz i'm a yes-butt-er
and made labels for 17 envelopes to hold the cut fabrics
legal-sized envelopes - cuz that's what i had
chain stitched
what a tangled web we weave
trimmed each of the seams
how ever in the World did i live without that add-a-quarter ruler?!?
trimmed the completed parts
slice and dice
laid them out to sew together
your left ... your left ... your left your right your left
we have the BEASTS!!!
 TA DA!!!

the boxes of beasts are going sideways for a while ... i've gotta work on microwave-a-bowls and crayon wallets and other fancy stuff for a bit...

The difference between a hero and a coward is
 one steps sideways.
Gene Hackman


  1. Well done keeping all those pieces of fabric sorted, it would have done my head in......

  2. The herd is increasing. You are saving bison from extinction while doing QUILT MATH! I am so impressed with you!


  3. What both of those ladies before me said! Does this mean you unstitched all those outward facing buffalo from the previous post? I'll do it if I have to, but unstitching is not my favorite thing to do. Hat's off to you for the extinction prevention and especially the math it seems to involve!