Friday, October 31, 2014

kinda creepy...

sewing these together was no fun at all ... ick

the Little Guy is the naming block for the Big Guy...

the Big Guy needs borders... 

maybe red roses...

or maybe not...

i am undecided...


“Though my skull is the size of a soup bowl, everything in the universe—and more—can fit inside my imagination. And guess what? My imagination tastes like chicken noodle soup.” 
― Jarod Kintz


  1. OMy that quilt top scared the bejeezus outa me when I opened Bloglovin. I almost waited until daylight to open your post. Will roses make him easier to approach? Maaaaayyybeeee...

  2. Love it ! Ofcourse I do; already made 2 skull quilts for DS. Not as "creepy" as this one, yours is so much better !!!
    I ' m not sure about the roses....might work. Simple red border might too, depends on what amount of work you ' willing to do.
    Must ask were you got the pattern!

  3. Took a second look and I thinking it' s quite easy to draw the could be DS' next quilt :)

  4. Perfect Halloween/Day of the Dead quilts :)

  5. I LOVE this! Red roses would be great!! or worms! HA!!!

  6. Interesting! Maybe not quite so pretty as the baby quilts you make...

  7. Hmmmm....I'm testing a come t again. Keeps coming back to me like your email is no longer valid.