Wednesday, October 29, 2014

abby normal

franken-kit-kats ... even less fun to make than the werewolves

i dunno ... they look more like zombies than Frankenstein's monster

recipe and how-to video are here
note to self - stay away from this website next halloween

Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Ah! Very good. Would you mind telling me whose brain i DID put in?
Igor: Then you won't be angry?
Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: I will NOT be angry.
Igor:  Abby someone.
Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Abby someone. Abby who?
Igor: Abby ... Normal.
Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Abby Normal?
Igor: I'm almost sure that was the name.
Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Are you saying that I put an abnormal brain into a seven and a half foot long, fifty-four inch wide GORILLA?
Young Frankenstein

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  1. One of our favorite movies! I've never laughed so hard in a theater as I did when I first saw that movie!