Monday, December 9, 2013

pink snowmen

have you ever seen pink snow?
yep, there IS such a thing...

i HAVE seen pink snow - it was drifted across the front yard last year

it looked weird

and it didn't look tasty
even though some people say it tastes like watermelon
(here's a link to why you shouldn't eat it if you should ever stumble across any) 

there wasn't enough to make a snowman - not that i would have because snowmen shouldn't be pink
they should be white!!!

anywho ... i didn't think too much about it after it melted...

fast forward a year

i FINALLY finished the three Fruitcake by Basic Grey for Moda quilts that i started in 2010 ... i threw them all into the washing machine along with five dye grabbers, some laundry detergent, and the wash & rinse cycles on cold...

i am a prewasher ... i treat fabric like it's gonna be treated after it is made into whatever...
but all three of the Fruitcake quilts were made from precuts - a layer cake and two charm packs - and i didn't prewash the fabric for fear of them shredding into tiny unusable bits...


if i had known that this...
 pink where it oughta be white ... sigh
was gonna happen, i would have taken my chances on tiny unusable bits

ALL of the white is now pink - and that is after washing and rewashing and rewashing and rewashing and rewashing and rewashing...



  1. OH NOOOOOO!!!! How terrible for your beautiful quilts. Maybe try some Synthrapol (it removes excess dye from fabrics along with more dye catchers. Barbara Brackman had a blog post recently about red fabric here's the link:

  2. It is extremely pink indeed! Still, I suppose it's better than yellow.....

  3. HORROR!! DS brought his Skulls quilt home for a wash and I STILL get sad seeing the pink on the white fabric, even tough the quilt itself is pretty worn by now. I got some result by using a kind of chemical washingpowder stuff for bleeding laundry....
    Oh darn, I HATE pink!( and i'm holding back on all the English swear words I know; you can fill them in..)

  4. Synthrapol is your friend in this case. It has worked for me twice. First on a block exchange I won at my guild and used as a wedding present. I washed it twice with Color Catchers to no avail. That's when a friend told me about Synthrapol. Success! Fast forward 5 months to now. I pulled the flannel Christmas quilt out of the pile and saw the pink bleeding that has been there since 2005 and annual washing. I gave it go with Synthrapol, not expecting much since the pink had been there 8 yeras. TA DA - no more pink! Jingle bell rock! One thing you have to get over - the directions say use HOT water. Just do it. It works. Happy holidays!

  5. I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS!!!! Scald the crap out of those quilts!!! Like Amy said -- try the Synrapthol. It might take several times, but it's worth a shot. So Sorry that happened.

    And Snow Algae -- Ewwwwwww!

  6. Oh DEAR! How very annoying. I have no advice except that little girls tend to like pink so if the ideas above don't work, I think you should just pretend it was deliberate and give it to a girl.

  7. Bummer! I'm super surprised that happened with that line of fabrics. I never have that happen with quilt-shop quality fabrics and I know that's a Moda line, so I'm shocked. I hope the Synthropol works for you.

  8. Such a sad story. But I like pink and I like the way it looks. But then, I didn't see it before. Try the Synthrapol. It couldn't hurt! And that pink algae story was a little yucky. I may never eat snow again, no matter what color!