Monday, December 23, 2013

fruitcake revisited

i decided to listen to the advice of those of you who know FAR MORE about running fabric than i do ... three more times through the washer - with HOT water (switching the dial over to HOT was a lot more difficult than i thought it would be - my mother would have been appalled) and Synthrapol and a handful of two different brands of dye grabbers...
still pink - but not a pretty pink anymore ... sigh
live and learn, eh?
 my TALL quilt-holder-upper was no where to be found, so LuLu took over...
hey, Nona - i could use a little help here!!!
hmmmm ... try holding this one...
Twisted Fruitcake
what big brown eyes you have!!! 
here, give this one a go...
Re-Gifted Fruitcake
and her hair just kept getting messier and messier...
so Auntia took over the camera and i joined LuLu behind the scenes...
Fruitcake - the Gift That Keeps On Giving
the quilting is pretty doggone awesome ... Liz the Longarm Quilting Wizard quilted pine cones...
pretty cool, huh?!?
they are keeping us warm or covering table tops for now ... maybe i'll give them all a good soaking after christmas...
couldn't hurt, right?!?


  1. Oooohhh, I lurve the green backing......your little quilt holder-upper did a great job! Yes, it's still pink - how about if you tea dyed it?

  2. Lulu: you're doing a great job and I love the star in your hair! You look very pretty!

    Oh that quilt...yep still pinkish! Remember to burn the red fabric..
    Happy Christmas!!!

  3. Well, it still looks nice to me!

    Your holder-upper is very cute!

    Have a lovely Christmas.

  4. Lulu is just too adorable for words. How can you stand the cuteness???

    I'm as aggravated as you are about this bleeding red fabric. Shouldn't happen in today's world of pricey fabric if you ask me. grrrrrs.

    Hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday!!!

  5. Ahhhh, not so pink anymore -- it definitely looks better! I thought I was going to have a heart attack when I had to put my mother's tree skirt on hot water. It got most of the red out though. Of course, when they got the tree skirt out this year, it's all pink and stained -- I guess Dad spilled a lot of water on it last year while watering the tree. It's fine though -- people aren't going to get down on the floor and inspect it.