Saturday, August 25, 2012

gone fishin'

it's been a month of sundays ... and i've decided to get off the Pity Pot

about this time last year, i asked my sister-in-law what kind of quilt she wanted for her sixtieth birthday ... i figured that if i gave myself a year, i might actually get it done ... she told me that she really, really  likes dolphins ... which made my eyes light up cuz i HAVE dolphin fabric... 

but i didn't use what i had cuz something better came along - Jody Bersgma released a fabric panel with dolphins and orcas and turtles ... and i thought oooo!!! perfect!!! 
but when the fabric arrived ... well ... i didn't like it so much ... too many turtles and really, really ugly fish ... and not enough dolphins ... still ... hard-earned money was spent and i decided to make it work ... besides, what could be easier than a panel?!? slap on some borders and call it done, right?!? 


you don't know me better than that?!?

this is what i've come up with so far...
i've spent the past few hours trying to get those pieced fish to fit ... fourteen? not enough... fifteen? too many... even when i pressed them flat and we all know how opposed i am to pressing triangles before i have to they refused to cooperate ... they just don't fit ... i'm thinking i'll add some water fabric to both ends and fuhgeddaboudit...

totally off topic...
is it any wonder i've lost interest in dolphins, fish and quilting?!?


  1. Love that last photo! Dolphins can wait......

  2. Butter wouldn't melt in that sweet little mouth, would it? Not much......more water fabric would be good, lots more, then those dolphins and fishes and turtles and things could all swim underwater.

  3. I like what you did with that panel, and I would totally add some water fabric but in the middle of the border, it will look less like you had to and more like a design decision! And just how much adorableness can one photo hold?? Those 2 are precious!!!

  4. I can not believe I did not rave in a comment about two of the most beautiful children in the world. Sweet and loving. Gosh they are special.