Sunday, August 26, 2012

catch of the day

no fish were harmed in the making of this flimsy... 
just keep swimming ... swimming ... swimming
i think the little strips of water that made the fish fit the sides are gonna be okay ... i decided to not worry about water placement when i started piecing the flying geese ... i'm blaming it all on the ocean currents...
see those fish at the top? ugly ugly ugly!!!

no cleaning was managed this weekend ... so no place to sit or stand ... stuff everywhere ... and that doesn't include the stuff that is still in the garage ... it's making me cuh-razy...

 in the past month i have eaten my way through a dozen packages six to a package of Klondike bars ... the Originals ... cuz if it ain't broke they shouldn't try to fix it by adding toffee or mint or fewer calories ... we need to return to eating things that are not ice cream good for us especially since both of us are lactose intolerant ... so i had to grill tonight cuz there's no room on the kitchen counters to place anydamnthing ... i am not a fan of cooking with fire ... anywho ... while i was waiting for the coals to make ashes of themselves, i cleaned snippets off the flimsy, and now it is ready for quilting ... and i used what was left of the scattered fish fabric cuz it is so ugly and the leftover pieced fish to piece a backing ... after i sew the binding strips together and press them i can take a break from this little guppy...


  1. might not be your favouritest quilt ever, but I reckon it works very well! Definitely right about those ocean currents too, they go off in all directions and whirlpools and tsunamis and stuff.

  2. One flimsy finished is worth two [or three or four or a dozen!] in the UFO pile!

  3. I like how it came out. Pop it in the mail! Liz gets home from her vacation at the end of the week.

  4. The pot isn't big enough for both of of us needed to get off.

    Glad you sewed!