Friday, September 30, 2011

on edge

and just under the wire ... september's Hot Flashes BOM is On Edge...
and so am i ... i had all month to put that block together, but i waited till now cuz it's never too late to do a mediocre job ... Auntia already had hers finished...
i am liking the Shades fabric less and less and i am ready for this Block of the Month to be over...
Sheri the Shop Owner's
i could not bring myself to put those two fabrics together ... neither could Auntia ... after i finished mine, i realized that the blue would have been okay with the yellow part of the red Shades say what?!?  
Sheri the Shop Owner taking roll call
and i'm sure pretty sure that everyone else at the meeting will not have strayed from the path like we did ... i guess we are rule-breakers cuz we were the only ones to redraft last month's block, too ... do you think that The Quilt Police nudge each other when we walk into the room and whisper neenner-neenners in each others' ears? meh ... i don't think i care too much ... anywho, the meeting for october is tomorrow morning and the Wonder Woman bag is packed and ready to go...


  1. I'm not quite sure I get how you changed it (yeah, I'm slow), but I sure do like that pattern. I've always loved the stars -- and stars with another block in the middle of them are even better!

  2. I love the block design and the shades fabric is fabulous! Stop whining and enjoy the brightness of what you sewed:) Ofcourse the quiltpolice's whispering. Their blocks are not as nice, I'm sure.
    If you're really fed up with the project: quit and go do something you do like!
    (will you still talk to me after i click on "publish this comment?" ah wt...I'll click on it anyway..I think..haha)

  3. Coronation is one of my favourite blocks! I like the colours in yours, it works well.

  4. I like how the block came out. You sure are a rebel!

  5. Well, they all look lovely to me.