Monday, September 19, 2011

a great wind is blowing

 and that gives you either imagination, or a headache.
Catherine the Great

a loooong time ago, i bought a weather vane ... not an ordinary weather vane with a rooster or a pig pointing in the direction of the wind ... my weather vane is a dragon ... a copper dragon

i had and have no place to actually put my weather vane ... the gazebo i was going to build, complete with a cupola on the top, and my weather vane on top of the cupola, has been eaten several times by the Economy and Poor Choices ... and so my copper dragon is packed away in a box in the garage ... but when i started stitching Over the River's embroidery, Opportunity knocked...
north by northwest
and i actually opened the door before it went away ... this is the pattern's original weather vane...
what IS that?!? 
 i think my dragon is waaaaay cooler ... maybe tonight i will finish stitching the barn - that door is getting lonely...

Weather forecast for tonight: dark. Continued dark overnight, with widely scattered light by morning.
George Carlin


  1. Adore your dragon weathervane! I love your idea of personalizing your stitchery. HPV (not the disease) doesn't need much personalizing for me being spooky with cats everywhere but for my next project (whenever that is...), I will be inspired by you to add some "me stuff" in there.

  2. That's funny -- that dark forecast is the same for us too. Your dragon is DEFINITELY WAY cooler!!!!

  3. I'm just freaking out that you've posted so many times recently! haha Yes, your weather vane is much better. The original is....well, I don't know what the heck it is!

  4. Love your dragon! Just as well it wasn't here today or it would have blown away.....the wind has been really bad.

  5. Super cool dragon and I agree with Mama T...what the heck is the other weather vane? Maybe a sick duck...I've spent too much time trying to figure it out already...geez I'm in a weird mood this morning...

  6. I have a witch on a broomstick ....nothing can beat a dragon, flames and all!!! Really cool!
    BTW you build a barn fast as lightning...