Saturday, November 6, 2010

were you waiting for me?!?

waaaay back in may i posted about the quilt

i said that i wanted it quilted
and bound
and on my bed
before the snow started up again in the fall...


it is fall...

, even ... usually we have had at least one major snowstorm before and often on halloween ... but not this fall ... halloween was a gorgeous day ... daytime temperatures have been in the 60s and 70s ... there has been frost in the early morning hours, but very little rain ... and no snow ... and i think i know why ... Spirit was waiting for this...i've been through the desert on a quilt with no name
i took the quilt to Kristy, the longarm quilter, and asked her to work her magick on it ... this is what she came up feathers ... we don't need no stinking feathers
and i got really crazy and asked her to quilt the spirit guides that i was working on back in june, too...growl andstomp
and i think they are pretty doggone amazing ... i took the pictures while the sun was shining brightly in the sky this afternoon... curse you, Hercules - i wish you would poop in your own yard!!!
and after i picked them up i noticed a fresh pile of little dog poop nestled in the grass...

so now the quilt and the spirit guides are out of the washing machine and spread out on the drying racks ... and then they are gonna have a tumble in the dryer ... and get all squishy ... and they are gonna be even more awesome ... i might even put them on my bed ... and sleep under the quilt when it finally begins to snow...

okay, Spirit...

i'm ready...

i'm just sayin'


  1. The quilt with no name is gorgeous....amazing....stupendous, the colours are those of the Aurora Borealis (not that I have seen it but I have seen pics) - love the spirit guides too, how big are those quilts? They look small in the pics but they're obviously not too teeny.

    That's right Hercules....go poop in your own yard......

  2. Oh Dianne...I am amazed at how beautiful the quilt with no name is. It reminds me of Taos, NM somehow...reminds me of home. Stunning quilt my friend!

    I like the spirit guide quilts too...I'm curious as well to know how big they are.

    Your quilter did a fantastic job.

  3. Those quilts are stunning. I adore the large one. If you decide that it doesn't go with your bedroom I'll gladly take it off your hands. LOL

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  4. Beautiful work! Beautiful piecing, beautiful quilting, beautiful colours! Hats off to you!

    Put a sleeve on the back of every quilt you finish. That way you can stick an old broomstick through it,[you don't use all of them for flying all of the time, do you?] hang it in a tree, and unless he's a tree climber, Hercules won't be able to poop where the quilts are! And you'll get a straight on picture--if the wind's not blowing!
    How big are those blocks all around the central star on the quilt with no name?

  5. They turned out just great!! You should be so proud of them all!!

  6. They're beautiful! Good job! Do you have snow NOW?

  7. Awesome! Are you sleeping under it? We're supposed to get cold weather this weekend and there will be snow in the Sierra Nevada mountains--and it's a good thing because I was starting to think winter wasn't going to come!