Saturday, November 20, 2010


yesterday was the Friday Night Sew-In ... last month i ran afoul of the underside of the quilting frame and called it an early night ... so this time around i stayed well away from the frame and did some hand anyone else getting sick of looking at these teapots?!?
the teapot's outline was already stitched and my goal was to finish the butterf
lies ... but they looked like they needed a place to land - so i stitched until it was finished ... i'm supposed to stitch two teapots each month in order to keep up with the PPSS BOM blocks but i was a slacker last month and didn't finish any ... so ... now october's are stitched and even if i don't embroider november's teapots, i won't be behind till december 1 - bwah ha ha and november's are ready to go...
then i sewed a bit on the flying geese for Auntia's christmas present...32 of these little puppies
and they are ready to trim ... it's okay if i post about it since she already
knows and has accepted the fact that it will not be a full-grown quilt by december 25 and, in fact, chose the fabric line ... so ... no surprises for you, baby girl!
i have been putting it off for months because i'd kinda had enough of wolves but luckily for Auntia the fabric just happened to be among the stuff stacked up against my bedroom wall that has to be cleared out so my bedroom can morph from a stash closet back into a place to actually sleep so i can make room to paint next spring and hang the new shade that has been in the closet for six years now and whatever else needs to happen...

guess i oughta start another list...


  1. Lists aren't much good, you know make a list then you get stressed because things in the list are always in the wrong order and it's not working......I think you teapots are cute, anyhoo.

  2. I think your teapots are cute too and I enjoy seeing them!

  3. Hahaha -- your house sounds like mine. I buy something for the house, and then it has to age for a few years before I actually use it. Sounds like you had a good FNSI!

  4. I'm not sick of the teapots. I did chuckle as your house sounds a lot like mine! Things get done based on the space that is needed. I'm working now to get my sewing room picked up so I can set up Christmas. It's progressing slowly!

  5. You will never know how much I love what you do!!! And I will try to show you somehow, someway. Big HUGS!