Friday, July 9, 2010

elephant in the room

mama said there'd be days like this
it was unseasonably cool for two days ... but now the heat is back on and i'd like to be hanging out with the saggy baggy elephant ... oh ... wait ... i have been hanging out with the saggy baggy elephant ... let me just say this about that - i am happy that the flimsy is done and i don't have to look at Sooki and friends for a while cuz it stopped being fun about ten minutes after i started working on it ... first i messed up the flying geese ... fortunately, i cut them way too big instead of way too small ... and then i messed up the flying geese again ... they were still too big ... they finally fit the book blocks after the third time of going under the knife ... then i couldn't find an alternate fabric in the stash for the four patches in the corners ... Auntia and i have sworn off buying fabric till we've paid for the computer ... with the exception of Hallographix ... which i am buying come hell or high water ... i wanted to go shopping - but i knew i couldn't spend real money, even if i did find something that would work ... and then i remembered that my stash card for The Quilters Studio still had some dollars on it ... ... Auntia found the nectarine fossil fern - woo hoo!!! and i could finally finish putting the blocks together ... time for sashings and cornerstones ... i remembered too late that squaring fabric on the grain doesn't necessarily mean that the stripes are gonna be straight ... yep - i've got crooked stripes ... the blocks are square, but they look like they're waving at the crowd ... grrr ... anywho ... it'll have to do cuz i am outta fabric and it's just too darn hot to sweat the small stuff ...

where's the beef?!?
i cooked with fire on the fourth of july ... i even managed to make grill marks on the chicken that was marinating for fajitas the next day ... Auntia successfully cooked with fire, too - she toasted three perfect, golden marshmallows ... The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook has a recipe for blackberry cobbler that is simple and gooood ... i used raspberries instead of blackberries for our fourth of july and white, no blueberries
when i was grocery shopping, i found a red star-shaped platter and two plates that matched the dessert stars on sale ... so they came home to live with us...
now that's what i call fine dining - eat your heart out, Gordon Ramsey
and Auntia served the pasta salad in some little bowls that are shaped like onions ... i thought they were garlic when i bought them - but onions are almost as good ... we had Auntia's 4th of July mix CD blaring a whole lotta Courtesy of the Red, White & Blue for the enjoyment of our neighbors who all seemed to show a sudden interest in the 16-inning Colorado Rockies game ... then we watched The Closer till the fireworks started ... it rained enough to put out the barrel fire that our neighbors had blazing and to wash away the smell of sulfur one set any roofs on fire and the celebration went off with a whole lotta bangs ...... and soon everyone will run outta pop bottle rockets and roman candles and firecrackers all of which are dangerous and most of which are illegal but there's no elephant in this room, is there?
nope - just the saggy baggy one


  1. Hallographix..OMG, LOVE it..I'm glad you've got your priorities straight, that fabric is amazing, do you have a pattern in mind?

    Love the 4th dishes and patriotic table setting, looks like the cover of Martha Stewart, great job..not only to set such a high tone and falutin table, but to remember to snap a photo before the food was gone, dishes dirty, and tablecloth stained.

    I like Sooki's wavy border, gives it a ocean waves feel that suits. So what's up next?

  2. I may need to visit the quilt shop. It's been awhile since I've been out of my neck of the woods.

    I needed to shop a couple of weeks ago and had to use my customer reward at Holly's. I save them so I can shop when I don't have the money. LOL