Saturday, July 24, 2010

done ... done ... done ... done ... done ... knot done

last night was another Friday Night Sew-In ... i didn't need to work on this...
Le Witche Boutique - seven of twelve
cuz it was done ...... and i didn't need to work on these...Paper-Pieced Saturday Sampler BOMs -
Handy Andy - Crossed Canoes
Jack in the Box - Cross and Crow
cuz they were done ...... so i put this together...a wibbon bwanket for a wittle baby
but it didn't take as long as i thought it would ... so i sewed together the black flannel that was on sale at JAF last week for $2.50/yard for the back of The Ghastlies ...... and then i put this together...NoJo's burger pocket
so this guy...NoJo gives a whole different meaning to the term meat head
can finish his first-ever-cross-stitch-project ... he has been working on a Cars bookmark...who says real men don't stitch?!?
instead of doing his summer reading ...... anywho ...... i searched high and low for the pattern that i made for mug hugs so i could start working on the 23 that i need to make as party favors for a brand new baby girl's shower in september ... but i couldn't find it anywhere ... and that made me too pissy to start on the 23 tea wallets ... so i took out the yarn for a daisy baby afghan for the same little baby girl and got this far...loves me, loves me not, loves me, loves me knot
before i decided that this is one more thing that just ain't gonna get did any time soon ... but it will make a lovely fifth or sixth birthday present, won't it?


  1. Wow, you've managed to get a ton done! Glad you found something you actually needed to work on for the FNS! I ♥ the stitchery.

  2. You actually got quite a lot done, didn't you? I like those tea wallets--really a cute idea. And although your HPV wasn't calling you, you've made pretty good progress. I really should start on that one soon!

  3. You can't rush genius.......fifth, sixth, tenth......what does it matter? She will get an afghan eventually, won't she?

  4. Very impressive in its varied way!

    (Clean UNDER the fridge, by the way - to respond to your comment. Hmm. Not done very often in this house.)

  5. You've got so much accomplished! I wish I could get done a quarter of what you do! I still love, love, love the Ghastlies quilt you made!

  6. I love the HPV blocks. Wanna do a set for me??