Friday, May 14, 2010

it's midnight

do you know where your seam ripper is?!?

i have been having no fun in the magick shoppe ... just getting into it was becoming an exercise in exercise ... i had to suck in my belly to get past the iron ... and then slide sideways to get to Sven ... and then hold my breath while i sat and scooted in the chair

flashback to the last time the room was such a mess... i dropped my favorite seam ripper on the floor and i was afraid of the monsters under the sewing table so i left it there ... i kept losing Sven's foot pedal cuz it was hiding from me and the monsters so i was nudging and pushing and kicking my foot around to find it ... i felt a sharp stab on the side of my foot ... i'm always stepping on pins cuz i'm too lazy to pick them up when they fall so i ignored it and foot-groped for the pedal a bit more ... big mistake ... whatever was stabbing my foot went in a bit deeper ... and deeper ... and hurt more and more ... i sighed and pulled my foot out from the depths of darkness ... and found the seam ripper sticking out of it ... boinging up and down ... up and down ... up and down ... i gasped and yanked out the ripper ... shee-ooot!

anywho ... i don't ever want to get stabbed in the foot or anyplace else by a seam ripper or anything else again ...... so i started digging my way out of the mess ... again ...... the past two weekends were pretty much spent excavating my side of the magick shoppe ... i found are so beautiful to me
stuffed into a big purple bin ... i sewed the last border onto this monstrosity on april 30, 2008 ... it is for me ... and i want it ... i want it quilted ... and i want it bound ... and i want it on my bed before this...may 13, 2010 - another spring storm on the front range
starts up again in the fall ... of this year ...... it's midnight ... and i know where my seam ripper is ... now where did i put my ambition?


  1. Lordie, Lordie what is a quilter to do. I think we all have to bend slowly, move sideways, slide by, and be careful not to topple a "pile" or two - you just made it fun to read about. So sorry to read about the stabbing though. Is the "victim" ok today?

  2. Snow??!!?? It's 90 degrees here in Atlanta! Do you want some of this weather? Because I will send it fed ex overnight. Quilting can be a dangerous sport. Proceed with caution...

  3. Ouch......not the quilt BTW, it is stunning!

  4. That quilt is amazing, what are you waiting for....quilt that baby!!

    You've GOT to post a picture of your sewing room!

  5. Oh my, that's one bea-u-ti-ful quilt top! Yes, by all means get that beauty quilted before the next snow season! Except maybe it would be hard to stop looking at it and go to sleep--had you thought of that?! LOL!

  6. Yep! Moving around in a quiltroom, can be hazardous to your health and you should never ever walk in there without your shoes on!
    I just cleaned up mine, vacuumed and all and then came my neighbour, asking me if I knew how to sew a new cover for her laundrybasket out of a new towel.....
    I cleaned again and then I got all inspired by some tutorial on the web and started to pull out fabric from the drawers.I cleaned or the third time and now Corrine is coming to sew this evening. I give up, it will always be messy!

  7. More snow!!! We're in MO right now and it's been raining...A LOT!!! Will start cleaning out my mom's house tomorrow.
    The quilt is beautiful, the baby is even more beautiful!
    I got one of those telescoping, lighted magnet thingies to pick up my pins and stuff off the floor without leaning over. It could save your feet! Try it!

  8. We have lots of cold cold rain going on here. I love your quilt it is just stunning! Watch out for sharp objects as they are closer than they appear!! I think photos of the area are in order.

  9. That quilt is so pretty! I cleaned up my sewing area yesterday. Mostly dust and fabric snips, but it was driving me crazy.