Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy thanksgiving

clockwise - beginning with the monkey - is Gumdrop, Mrs. Moth (who has way cooler panda slippers but didn't wear them this morning), LuLu, dianne, NoJo and Auntia
from my house to yours ... where there was a surprise visit from the m&m's this morning ... they must have smelled the coffee cake baking in the oven... LuLu has her first bite of dianne's world famous coffee cake
and headed on over ... where they found their lazy nonna still in her jammies
rumpled and crumpled
pondering what ails the world and how to fix it
whilst sipping coffee and reading the newspaper
and wondering
how much longer till it's time to eat?
how much longer is the parade?
how much longer till it's time to eat?!?
when will i get to see Santa?
how much longer till it's time to eat?!?
when is the game?
how much longer till it's time to eat?!?


  1. Did you ever get to eat....
    World famous coffee cake - yum.

    Your slipper picture is delightful.
    Good night and happy tomorrow.

  2. My youngest kept asking me that and then all he ate was ham. He was still up at 11:30. (Hey, it was a holiday and he's still asleep right now.) He wanted leftover french toast.

  3. What a great collection of slippers and jammies! Pity the pandaslippers are missing from this pic :)
    I hope you all had plenty to eat and had a great time together, but I do think that part was completely covered!!