Tuesday, June 5, 2018

star trekker

a couple of years ago there was a batik sale at Lyons Quilting and i wanted this...
oooo!!! purples and blues and teals!!!
the pattern is written in a Block of the Month format 
and all the fabric is supposed to be cut at the beginning...

which i find very, very scary...

so i delayed starting by drafting each of the blocks for paper-piecing...

and then waited a few months to Kinko them...

 it was a few more months before i drummed up the courage to actually cut into those lovely batiks...

 and even more time passed whilst messing up just about everything
including making a bunch of hour glass blocks and half square triangles that i didn't need
so LuLu designed a pillow topper for me...
she has the sweetest little feet
and an eye for symmetry
 stacks of batiks and blocks aged in the Magick Shoppe 
and my wanting a finished quilt waned...

there's the but - i knew it was somewhere 
then i found the perfect fabric for the backing
and it made me want to actually finish the flimsy and send it off to Liz the Magnificent for quilting with a gazillion Enterprises...
the United Star Ship Enterprise
to boldly go...
and she transformed it into this...
Star Trekker
if i ever get bored with the front, all i have to do is flip it over
and i can hang out with these guys...
and it didn't end up being a 5 year mission
quilted by Liz Bowman
pieced and bound by dianne

After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing, after all, as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true.
 Star Trek, Season 2, Episode 1

not this time, Mr. Spock...


  1. What a great post and beautiful quilt. That back cracks me up, where did you find THAT fabric!?!? I'm so happy you finished this top, it's so very you! I'm still in my post vacation funk and haven't sewed for weeks. I'm thinking a good spring cleaning in my sewing room may be what I need to get my mojo back. It's always great to hear from you, hope all is well. And yes LuLu does have the sweetest feet but they are getting so big!

  2. That is luscious......I would want those gorgeous batiks too......LuLu, your little tootsies are growing!

  3. Ahhh, so you're sleeping with Kirk and Spock. Definitely pegs you as a Trekkie! Gorgeous quilt, and perfect for your space (ark, ark). Kudos to Lulu on her pillow design!

  4. Wow -- it's gorgeous! I LOVE the beautiful blues -- and what a surprise when you turn it over LOL!

  5. This is STUNNING!!! Good job! I LOVE that feathered star on the front!

  6. Hi Dianne, this was a fun quilt story to read right down to the back being STar Trek. I was drooling over your batiks thinking how they would be perfect for a project I need to add fabric to. As I scrolled down I noticed that you had really cut into them and even have a finish!

  7. Your back makes me giggle. Yeah for Trekkies. But your top is stunning. I love batiks and your blues are so rich in color. What a fantastic pattern and a stunning finish!

  8. What a gorgeous quilt! Beautiful batiks! And the be k cra is me up. I love the extra pillow you designed as well.

  9. Your quilting is beautiful and amazing.


  10. Thinking about you and HPV as I'm stitching a little Crabapple Hill cherries block. I've still got to start my own HPV!