Sunday, May 14, 2017

cinnamon sinner

 Melissa made her World Famous Puffin Muffins for me for Mothers Day...
sooooo goooood!!!
she said this was the only batch she was gonna make till next year 
and that i didn't have to share if i didn't want to...
guilt set in after i ate the first row

this is me, sharing!!!
bwah ha ha ha ha!!!

i love you to the moon and back again times infinity,
but i'm not sharing those muffins.


  1. Ha! Well played!!!! Happy Mother's Day

  2. Mmmm. Another similarity in our lovely daughters. Karen made me a scratch chocolate cake with butter cream frosting (Ombre style, dark pink at the bottom to white on top.) It was delicious! But I had to share. :-\ With my sister, her husband, my husband, Katen, our niece, my mother and my brother. No cake for breakfast. Sigh. But there is a container of frosting in the fridge...

  3. These look amazing! Send me the recipe! I wonder if they freeze? Happy Mother's Day!!