Thursday, April 27, 2017

aw ... come on!!!

almost to the end of sewing on a side of binding 
and the stinkin' bobbin runs outta thread...

it happened a coupla times...
two table toppers, three wall hangings, one tree skirt, three baby not-gender-neutral quilts, two table runners, and one quilt
this stack of twelve 
yes, TWELVE!!! can you say PROCRASTINATE? 
are bound 
and a few are even labelled...
most of the dirty dozen are small 
still - ALL of them had four corners 
and i only complained about how long it took to do the hand sewing four hundred thirty-seven a coupla times...

i solemnly swear hope that i will never again let the Needs Binding Pile of Stuff take up more than one shelf ... never never EVER!!! 
cuz i do not like not liking sewing down binding 
and by the last stitch of that pile i was really, really not liking it...

and now i'm gonna fill some bobbins...

I just had an 
"out of bobbin" 
It was scary.
quote from National Quilters Circle


  1. I am amazed. What a lot of quilts! I myself like sewing on the binding because it makes it look so much neater. But maybe yours look neat to start with.

  2. Yikes! That's a lot of binding in one fell swoop. I love binding though, so I'd be in hog heaven LOL!


  3. For me the binding is one of the sweetest parts of making something 'cause it means I'm almost done and D-O-N-E doesn't happen half often enough around here!