Tuesday, November 1, 2016

some 'splainin'

because sometimes two words may not be enough...
it never occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, not everyone knows about training dragons...

Halloween is a Big Deal around here and Melissa ALWAYS dresses in costume...

when she was little, i made the costumes for her...
Flower Power

my very own Little Mermaid

Princess Bumblebee

unless i ran outta time - then my mom would help out...
Miss Kiss

clownin' around
and now she makes her own... 
baneling bridesmaid

Lieutenant Ihearya
the ranger's apprentice

 this year she decided to be Toothless from
Toothless - the Night Fury

she spent MONTHS crocheting the shawl...

the wings of a pitch black dragon
and she told me that it was totally worth it!!!


  1. Love the costume! Happy Halloween!

  2. WoW.......wait a second......a christmas tree????? What the....???


  3. Ah, they were dragon wings, not bat wings. Thanks for clearing that up!

    She made a lovely jobof them....

  4. It is, indeed, a gorgeous shawl! Looks like those costumes have been great fun over the years.

  5. Months of crochet is always worth it - it's beautiful!!!