Wednesday, July 27, 2016

four of two bits

a bit more drafting for paper-piecing from Quilted Legends of the West by Judy Zehner and Kim Mosher and i came up with these quarter-sized spirit guides...
plains buffalo

polar bear

i was gonna draft and piece a couple more animals, but even two-bits-sized, four is gonna be enough...

be forewarned - if snakes freak you the eff out - guilty as charged - you might want to not look too closely at the pictures of her lovely littles and just skip down to the sneak peek of what looks to be another gorgeous wedding quilt

Even snakes are afraid of snakes.
Steven Wright


  1. Love those spirit guides! I'm really looking forward to seeing this quilt done......I bet you are too. No, I don't do snakes. Brown snakes live in our area and they are one of the deadliest in Australia - we saw a young one in our garden a few years ago.

  2. Bwahahaha I didn't know snakes freaked you out!!! Hers are "friendly"

  3. Ooooh, very cool. I love the polar bear. And definitely, No. Snakes.

  4. These are beautiful! And you designed them yourself? I bow before you.....

  5. These are so unusual and striking - I really love them! blessings, marlene