Wednesday, May 4, 2016

broke ... broken ... brokener

Sometimes a thing gets broke, can't be fixed.
Kaylee - Firefly

and that's what happened to the computer...
i should know, i did the breaking... 
and the trying to fix*
which led to it being even more broken
but it's gonna be okay... 
maybe somewhere in the mess that i made of the hard drive, i will find the pictures that go with the posts i was gonna write...
and maybe then i will write those posts and post them...
*note to self - sometimes a thing gets broke, can't be fixed so don't make it worse cuz making it worse is costly


  1. Bummer......I feel your pain!

  2. Guess the force wasn't with you on May 4th. But hey, Denver won the super bowl, let's think about that instead.

  3. Ruh-Roh. Hopefully all will be better soon. Just be cheered that you're not alone -- my website has been down and it's in the hands of tech support -- which means it could take awhile. A few years ago it got hacked and they jacked everything around to fix it. Now, if something goes wrong, the current guys have a hard time figuring out what corn-fed solution the past guys came up with. Fun and games. Keeps life exciting, right?

  4. Sometimes broken means time for a splurge... course a new PC would come with Windows 10. So after you are comfortable with it, can I call you for tech advice? Hmmm, let me rethink that...

  5. Hope you get it back and fixed or get a new one! I miss hearing from you!