Sunday, September 27, 2015

peep central

there's a peep store in our nation's capital!!!
who knew, right?!?
well, lemmetellya who knew...
 Amy knew, that's who knew...
and she went there!!! 
and she saw the Peepmobile!!!
she even stood next to it and had her picture taken so she could send it to me and i could be jealous!!! 
and i would show you the lovely Amy, but that would have meant including a picture of me NOT standing next to the Peepmobile, so i Wilsoned it...
oh, for the love of marshmallows!!!
is that not the most awesome yellow VW bug ever?!?
but - wait - there's MORE...
she shopped!!! 
for ME!!!
a NEW TIN!!! and a FRAME!!! and BRACELETS!!! and PEEPS!!!
and, most awesome of all, 
she made a pincushion for ME!!!
here a peep ... there a peep
with her own hands!!!
using PEEP fabric!!!

and did i mention that she made it for ME?!?
it is so very AWESOME and i am not worthy and she really shouldn't have...
but i am so incredibly happy that she DID!!!

thank you, AMY!!!

Money can't buy happiness
But it can buy Peeps
Which are kinda the same thing
author unknown


  1. So Peeps bring happiness wherever they go? I'm into that!

  2. Looks like a fun place to visit! I just might need to make some Peep things too or risk being replaced!

  3. What a post! You make me sound so good... ;-)
    I had a blast purchasing Peepabilia just for you, Dianne! (I might have purchased a few things for myself too...) It was almost as fun as reading your blog. Thanks for making the blogsphere a Peepy place!

  4. PEEPS! How fun! Have you already broken out the Halloween Peeps???