Wednesday, November 19, 2014

a thanksgiving miracle

they ran around and around
and chased themselves into this...
Running Bear Loves Little White Dove
with thanks to Jennifer of Bronze Wombat for giving this little quilt the perfect name

this may not seem like a thanksgiving miracle to anyone else, but it is because:

a) with the exception of the brown for the paws, the fabric was ALL from the Magick Shoppe's Hoard

2) i actually used a panel before it had a chance to go out of print or get lost in the Magick Shoppe

thirdly) RBLLWD was finished in less than two months - which is a record time for ANY quilt that i have ever started and finished (thanks in a big, big way to Longarm Quilter Extraordinaire Liz Bowman) 

the panel is from this collection by this artist
Princess On A Pea - First Nations by Denyse Klette
and it is awesome!!!
Liz quilted dream catchers all over it...

how does she DO that?!?
and they are awesome!!!
the backing fabric is called Five Cent Peace...

lucky buffalo nickels
and it is awesome!!!

i LURVE this quilt!!!


  1. It's beautiful Dianne! I love the bear paws around the central panel -- they're perfect!

  2. Hallelujah !
    ( although not quilting it yourself is considered cheating in my opinion haha)

  3. Well, thank you - how nice is that! A great use of a panel and what a fun panel it is too, and you have the perfect backing fabric too. Well done!

  4. I love how you set that panel. Just right!