Sunday, April 13, 2014

solar panels

all of my grandsons have received or will receive quilts for their birthdays this year
 and this one is for Super Sam's birthday in july...
to which he might say, "WAIT!!! Do you mean to tell me that the World does NOT revolve around ME?!?

and i loved the panel so much that i bought one for myself and made this...
i LURVE this fabric!!!

fabric is Out of This World by Stonehenge
quilted by Liz Bowman
pieced and bound by me, myself and i

“The solar system is off center and consequently man is too ...” 
― Harlow Shapley


  1. I swear your last post that showed up on my sidebar was feb 2! No wonder I thought something was really bad wrong with you!! All those posts that I had missed until tonight! I'm glad you're back! Haha

    P.S. I have a similar story about a choking, gagging kid in the back seat who was chomping on a burger. Turned out the end of the ketchup package somehow got lodged in kid's throat and I had to pull over and do the Hymlech on her. That's what I get for feeding fast food burgers to kids in the back seat in the dark!

  2. What FUN fabric! Your quilts look great. I'm glad you treated yourself to some too -- as it should be!