Sunday, February 2, 2014

ready freddy

okay ... it is
Super Bowl Game Day...

the Denver Broncos (woo hootie hoo!!!
the Seattle Seagulls ... or is it the Seahawks (who?!?)

no bias here - we're Equal Opportunity Bronco fans

and it is time to take inventory...

order the pizza - check
turn on the doorbell so you can hear the pizza guy when he comes - check
get the money ready to pay the pizza guy (seriously?!? FORTY BUCKS?!? when did pizza get so doggone expensive?!?) - check
lucky can of Orange Crush - check
lucky orange plaid jammy bottoms - check
lucky printed slightly off-center grey Bronco t-shirt - check
make sure i'm not wearing anything that is green - check
those Circus Peanuts hafta be gone before the 2-minute warning of the last quarter or all will be lost
lucky quilt - check
lucky socks - check
lucky Circus Peanuts - check

and i'm ready for some FOOTBALL!!!

It's only weird if it doesn't work.
Bud Light

good gawd, i hope this works cuz otherwise i'll just be WEIRD!!!

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