Monday, November 18, 2013

makin' bacon

i make lists ... lots of lists
lists of things to do
 and lists of things to buy 
and lists of things to sigh about
or cry about
or worry about... 

a few weeks ago i made a NEW list for the things that absolutely HAD to be done before tomorrow...

it was a long, loooooong list...
have the furnace serviced
and the swamp cooler serviced
and the dryer vent cleaned
and renew my passport (no, i'm not going anywhere ... sigh)
and the garage door repaired
and the gardens bedded down for the winter
and winterize the outside faucets
and take flowers to the cemetery for my mom's birthday
and hang the shade in my bedroom (the one that has been waiting for me to get to it for at LEAST eight years)
and get the wreaths ready for the cemetery
and have the leaky toilet fixed
and the broken bathroom fan replaced
and the back porch light, too
and bring in the patio furniture
and paint the front door
and renew my driver's license
and have the house power-washed (this isn't gonna get done till next year)
and paint the garage door (this isn't gonna get done till next year, either)
and rake leaves
and rake leaves again
and again
and again
and remember to be GRATEFUL for those leaves
and have the lawn aerated
and fertilize it
and over-seed it
and mow it
and mow it a few more times
and put away the lawn mower

well ... you get the idea

the list was getting shorter and shorter 
and i was almost at the end...

so what do you think i did?!?

i ADDED things to it...

things like this...
a crocheted bacon scarf .. i kid you not
which is for Michael Myson
because he LOVES bacon
 and because he ASKED for one
 and because i love him enough to work with gawdawful chunky yarn that looks like bacon fat...


  1. Great bacon scarf. I am a list maker also. I hope you got all the important stuff done today. Now it's time to relax and good luck tomorrow! XOXO

  2. That list has enough chores for a decade, love! I never make lists, I lay awake at night thinking of all that needs to be done *lol*
    Take down the list one thing at a time; the only important thing I read was the flowers for your Mum, and even she would have understood if you were a few days late, i guess.(oh, and the passport /license thing!!!)
    Relax, knit; the scarf is hilarious and looks exactly like bacon!

  3. Good grief. I think you're being a tiny bit ambitious... Love the bacon scarf.

  4. A bacon scarf. Hahaha. Now I'm really wishing that I'd taken pictures for you of the bacon Christmas tree that I saw over the weekend. Bacon ornaments with glitter. And Pigs. And a Bacon Tie. We laughed and wondered who on earth would have such a thing. Perhaps Mr. Michael?

    Congrats on whipping that list into shape -- that's a LOT of work!

  5. Oh wow, that's really something......a piggly wiggly scarf!