Wednesday, October 30, 2013


my dad didn't get to cuss much around my mom, but she did cut him some slack every once in a while ... when another driver would whiz past us and he said 
like a bat out of hell!!! 
she didn't raise her eyebrows very high or admonish him with Guido!!!

so that's what i came up with when i was trying to think of a name for this wreath...
Bat out of Hell
it has been living on the back of Auntia's red leather chair... 

she says it doesn't keep her very warm... 

maybe that bat isn't outta Hell after all...

pattern and fabric by Jason Yenter of In The Beginning
quilted with BATS!!! by Liz Bowman of Milan, Michigan
pieced and bound by me, myself and i


  1. Wow Dianne -- very clever! And just perfect for Halloween!

  2. Be still my halloween heart! That is the most clever Halloween quilt ever. Two brooms up!

  3. i LOVE this one!!! Bat outta Hell. SWET!!!