Friday, June 21, 2013

a place for everything

and everything in its place...
leftover bits and pieces ... and hunky guys
the rejected blocks are on the back of the quilt - all sewn together this afternoon - woo hoo!!! that was my original plan and i am relieved to know that other people feel the same way...

i won't be posting any more pictures of the second 1978 tea towel quilt (still screaming for a better name) till it's quilted and goes to live with its Intended ... i think that the Intended might look at this blog occasionally and i don't want to spoil her surprise ... it was 42" x 48" in the picture at the end of the previous post ... the final size after two additional borders is 57" x 69" 

now ... if i could just get other things in my Life in place...


  1. Definitely, use those leftover blocks on the back of the quilt....because if you don't, what else are you going to do with them? Is the hunky guy fabric going on the back too?

  2. That's quite startling!

    Yes, if only life were as easy to organise as a quilt... wait a minute... I've never made a quilt... .

  3. You're too funny! I'm with Isabelle -- what a shocker to turn that innocent little quilt over!