Sunday, May 5, 2013

may the fourth be with you ... and the fifth, too

this has been a really, really good weekend... 
i did lots of work outside that did NOT involve a snow shovel except for scooping up leaves and the front porch looks like this now...
no snow ... not even a little bit!!!

and then we ran errands which included... 
 Hallmark to turn in our wish lists
and Noodles - next door to Hallmark - for their famous rice krispie treats cuz i have an aversion to paying $9 for a bowl of noodles 
and Lowes where we spent waaaay too much money on plants because Spring has taken too long to arrive and we needed a fix from the Green Nation 
and Perkins for buy-three-get-three-free muffins
 and Diamond Shamrock for our monthly tank of gas
 and a garden center to look for a planter to replace the one that i broke
 and Wendy's for salads

and then we grilled yes - dianne cooked with fire!!! Auntia's birthday bacon-wrapped filet mignons that have been languishing in the freezer since december just waiting for a warm and sunny day 
and some not-that-great corn on the cob...

we watched Mission Impossible 3 meh while we ate the steaks and corn 
and apple caramel tartlets with vanilla ice cream for dessert...

and then both of us headed into the Magick Shoppe to work on our april blocks for the Old School Saturday Sampler BOM meeting next saturday...
a dandelion log cabin and two not-hot-pink flamingos
which are 
So. Not. Me.
this sampler has made me stretch way, way, way far out of my comfort zone... 
i think i might have pulled some muscles...

this morning Auntia was up-and-at-em really early before me - which almost never happens and we went to see Iron Man Three ... woo hootie hoo!!! 
i love me some Tony Stark smartassedness ... if you go, stay through the credits!!!

and now i'm gonna ignore the housework and laundry and all those dandelions calling my name and go spend the rest of the day in the Magick Shoppe...

"When we become comfortable, do you know what happens around us? Absolutely nothing. Each day becomes just like the one before. We do what we have always done, therefore we get what we have always gotten."
Kip Davis, A Comfortable Situation


  1. HI, hi,hi! I am so happy to see all the work you have gotten done! I got waylaid to go out plant shopping with Shelby and then we weeded HER garden. Sheesh. So I was away from my house all day yesterday. I didn't get a LICK done here. I have lots more to tell you so will email you!

  2. That's a really good quote......but really, there's nothing wrong with being comfortable, you know. Definitely a difference in the last photo and today's!

  3. Yay for spring and a snow-free porch. Sounds like you had the perfect weekend to me!

  4. Sorry I missed this post. Happy Mother's Day!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful perfect fun day!! So happy you are snow-free and full of fun times!

  6. Sounds excellent. I thought we were unfortunate being a bit chilly, but snow!!!