Sunday, November 18, 2012

quilt by association

Mama Spark is hosting a quilt along called Christmas Fence... 

take a jelly roll, a charm pack, and some yardage ... do some cutting and some seaming and some pressing and you get some blocks that look like this...

i know ... i know ... not Christmas fabric ... but i already had the jelly roll

i have learned a few things from making those blocks ... 

1) a jelly roll and a charm pack may very well NOT have exactly the same fabrics, even though they are the same fabric line and

secondly) precuts are very, very messy ... little bitty bits of thread everywhere and 

c) i drag my feet when i don't have a destination in mind

i was off to a slow start because, while i DID have the jelly roll, i did NOT have the charm pack ... and i WAS going to use white instead of black, but i didn't know which white to order because i don't have one of those nifty sample charts of Moda Bella Solids which would have been a great help... 

Meadow Friends by Deb Strain

anywho ... when everything finally arrived, i still didn't want to start because i had no end destination in mind ... why am i making these blocks? what am i gonna do with 40 blocks from fabric that has bugs shudder and lizards double shudder printed on it?!?

and then i remembered that i need to make a baby quilt for a wee lassie who is due in the World next february ... the jelly roll looked like it had a lot of pink ... but what about the black? is black okay as an accent for a baby's quilt?  i dunno... 

i asked LuLu and she told me that black is her FAVORITE color ... except for pink and green and purple and orange and cerulean blue and red and periwinkle and yellow and... 

wait ... what?!? 
cerulean blue ... periwinkle ... seriously?!? 

yes, seriously ... i took out a box of crayons and asked her to show me cerulean blue and periwinkle...

she did.

anywho ... the first twenty blocks are done and they should make a nice little crib-sized quilt ... the other 20 blocks are in bits and pieces in a pizza box, waiting for me to get around to them ... and when they are together, they will make a nice little crib-sized quilt for a little boy... 




  1. You made all these today?? No wonder you're able to show off so many finished projects! As for precuts, I hate for anyone to do my cutting for me....because you know it won't be up to my impossible standards! And I hate fuzzy edges and hangy bits.....just a old fuss budget I guess!

    Those will be two very nice baby quits, his and hers!

  2. That will be one very cute quilt!

  3. Ah yes, you do need one of those color cards -- I refer to mine all the time (expensive little buggers). Very cute quilt -- I like that pattern too!

  4. Lovely!

    Your Lulu sounds like a very bright cookie!

  5. I love how this came out and yes black along with pink are very hot right now! Great job with the quilt top, can't wait to see the boy version! Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Your mind jumps around like mine. LOL.