Monday, September 10, 2012

oompa loompa

Carrie Nelson of La Vie en Rosie has been busy creating new patterns for Moda Candy ... and last week she had a giveaway ... the only question that needed to be answered was...

What is your favorite kind of candy?

sounds simple, huh?!? 
yes ... there IS always a but...

 nothing is EVER simple ... i think that might be one of the Wizard's Rules ... different circumstances call for different candy ...  i couldn't pick just one ... my comment took a while to type ... and i needed some help remembering some of them...

Auntia knows what she likes ... her comment took about ten seconds for her to type ... and she let the World know that she was wondering if i was EVER gonna finish my list...

which was kinda funny in a disrespectful stinkpot kinda way... 

anywho ... Carrie Nelson thought our comments were funny enough to send BOTH of us some Candy...
Moda Candy and Miss Rosie's Little Bites and other way cool stuff!!!

really way cool!!!
and ... since Auntia cinched it for both of us ... thank you to Carrie and to Auntia!!!
even if what Auntia said was kinda bratty ... i'm just sayin'...

oompa loompa doom pa dee do
i have another puzzle for you
oompa loompa doom pa da dee
if you are wise you will listen to me
who do you blame when your kid is a brat?
pampered and spoiled like a Siamese cat
blaming the kid is a lie and a shame
you know exactly who is to blame...

no ... no ... no ... not the mother!!!


  1. Well, how cool is that - congratulations to you both! And it's never the mother's fault, you's always the fault of someone or something else.

  2. Hahaha -- I saw those comments on Carrie's blog and they're TOOOOO funny! You guys definitely deserved the prize!!!!

  3. Nice ánd no-calories :)
    And now the oompaloompa song will stay in my head for the rest of the day....thanks *lol*

  4. Congratulations!!!!

    Did you notice that Cadbury has put out Creme Eggs for Halloween?! I can't believe it.... The yolks are green. I'm a bit torn over the whole being such a traditionalist and all. HA! What is the world coming to? Easter Creme Eggs are already out at Christmas time and now Halloween Creme Eggs. LOL

  5. mamatquilts.blogspot.comSeptember 14, 2012 at 9:33 PM

    Hey!!!! It's easy to leave a comment now!!! Thanks!!!

  6. That's the good kind of candy, calorie free!!! Can't wait to see what you make!

  7. I have to go back and find the comments on Carrie's Blog. Love your little ditty - you are talented girl!