Saturday, November 5, 2011

seeing stars

i have never had much will power when it comes to fabric panels ... i'll buy a panel of just about anything ... i have panels stashed all over the house ... and when i sort through the Great Pile of Stuff, i almost always come across a panel or two...
or ten...
anywho  ... the last time i sorted way back in early spring i found six panels that have a similar theme which must remain unnamed onaccounta it's a secret ... and i knew that by christmas i would have six grandchildren ... i made some notes in my quilt journal and sketched out a border that might be okay for all of them ... and went to work making flying geese...
a few months ago i posted a picture of a gazillion flying geese ... and now those flying geese are a quarter of a gazillion stars...
how many?!?
seriously - i did the math!

hey ... when did it start being november?!? and how the hedoublehockeysticks am i gonna get six sumpins made by christmas?!?


  1. I agree....WHEN did it get to be NOVEMBER!!!! I'm feeling pressured just thinking about it.
    Love the stars!

  2. It can't be November, wasn't it Easter only last week? Lurve those stars.......always lurve a star pattern.....

  3. Love the stars. And i have a solution for your time problem!

  4. Ok here's the secret, but shhhh. Make all the tops and send them to LTW to quilt for you. Easy peasy!

  5. You are so far ahead of me - and you are wondering how you are going to do it all - I give up - it's November already. Take care! Hugs

  6. I love the things you can do with flying geese, especially stars. So these are for the border? When do we see the middle? When I think about it being November already I feel a fainting spell coming on.....

  7. I'm glad you did the math!

    I'm not even going to try making anything for Christmas...I don't think.

  8. Wow -- a quarter of a gazillion! You'd better get off of this computer and get to work -- it's just around the corner!!!

  9. Crazy, isn't it? I was thinking that it's just about time to start getting the Christmas stuff down out of the rafters. Where's the year going?

    Good luck with all those stars!