Saturday, July 23, 2011

say what?!?

last night was FNSI...
i embroidered...
the left side of the top embroidery for Over the River and Through the Woods
i can't believe that i signed up for more trees - you'd think i'd have learned my lesson with HPV not the virus...
i am changing the pattern a bit is anyone in shock?!? 
i didn't want it to be a winter scene, so i traced it with lines that are not drifted with snow...
we don't need no stinking snow drifts
and i replaced the horse-drawn sleigh with a truck from Snow Days another Crab-apple Hill pattern...
 does this fender make my butt look big?!?
the truck was too small and was facing the wrong way, so i traced it ... and reversed it ... and then Auntia enlarged it for me

 instead of black floss, i'm using DMC #154 very dark grape for most of the stitching ... and a little bit of Wildflowers #077 royal jewels for what should have been fields of snow, but is gonna be strewn leaves instead i was gonna write leaf fall, but Auntia says it's strewn leaves... 
and the background fabric is not what i originally chose last year ... i didn't buy enough background fabric for the embroidery and the paper-pieced leaves ... so i ordered what i thought was the same fabric, but was actually a bit more gold and more than a bit darker ... which meant that i still didn't have enough of either fabric for the embroidery and the paper-pieced leaves ... so i used both fabrics randomly shudder for the paper-pieced leaves... 

i dunno ... i think it will work ... maybe in a year or ten i will have a thanksgiving quilt...

Thanksgiving, man! Not a good day to be my pants.
Kevin James  


  1. I never obsess about exact matching. Go with what you've got! Lovely scene, but I kept looking for those paper pieced leaves.....?

  2. Ooooh my.....what yummy scrumptiousness is that the changes you have made to the pattern. Is that your smiling face we can see peeking out the driver's side of the truck?

  3. I love it! Excellent ideas and I especially love the truck:)

  4. Love the changes you've made. My hubby would like the truck you added. He has an old '50 F1. I think using different backgrounds adds interest to a quilt.

  5. Oh it's gonna be so pretty! I can't wait to see it all finished!!!

  6. Re your comment - yes, I feel just the same when my mother tells me that I have to get used to my beloved second daughter moving to London to marry a not-very-successful actor. I know I do. But that doesn't make it any easier.

  7. Sending a big hug - thinking of you - Tootles

  8. I love to see how you change things around!! I really like the truck too.