Friday, June 1, 2012

guest blogger

i'm thinking my nonna is not gonna get around to blogging for a month of sundays ... i told her i was tired of looking at my brother's hands holding that ball ... she told me to go ahead and write a post myself if i was bored with the World...

so i am

lots and lots of stuff has happened since the first of the year ... but not as much as is gonna happen in a month or so ... i'm gonna be a big sister ... my baby brother is busy growing in mommy's tummy and i love to feel him squirming around in there ... Auntia and Nona are gonna give my baby brother a party next sunday and i think i should get to open all of his presents cuz he's too little ... another thing is i am now THREE and i am unusually bright for my age ... i know cuz everybody tells me

 LuLu, you are unusually bright for a three year old! 

 i have an excellent vocabulary, too - i know how to use the word appropriate...

come on ... be honest ... do YOU know another just-barely three year old who uses the word appropriate appropriately?!?

no?!? i didn't think so ... anywho ... i guess i am done for now ... someone keeps moving the letters around on this keyboard and i am not one bit happy about that...


p.s. - see, Nona - it wasn't that hard, now was it?!?


Thelma said...

LULU! It's great to hear from you. Being three with a brother on the way, life just doesn't get better than that. I don't think it's appropriate for your Nonna to go 6 months without blogging. I do think it is appropriate to wear panda slippers, all the time. Be extra nice to your Mommy, having a baby boy grow in her tummy is tiring, especially now. Eat a big piece of cake for me at that baby shower!

Jennifer said...

LuLu, how lovely to hear from you! Three, my goodness - you are growing, and soon you will be a big sister too. You have to keep an eye on those pesky computer letters, you know.

Annemiek said...

Hi Lulu! So nice you took over your nonna''s blog. You will be the best big sister ever, i'm sure and will teach your baby brother evverything he needs to know:)
Tell nonna i said 'hi"!

MamaT said...

You don't fool me one bit! Welcome back!!!!! I missed you!

The Twilight Quilters Coven said...

Love the post....

Thank you...Lulu!!

Thimbleanna said...

Congratulations to you - and your mama and Nona!!!!

Isabelle said...

Yes, indeed, welcome back. You've been missed. Like the slippers, by the way, Lulu.

Mama Spark said...

Welcome to the blogging world Lulu! You did a great job on Nona's blog. You are exceptionally bright for a 3 year old, I concur (have Nona help you look that up)

Speaking of Nona tell her she needs to be in touch, I'm beginning to think she doesn't like me anymore.

Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Dear Lulu

Joy, Joy, Joy and a baby boy
is on the way
There will be days of baby sweet
poops (they are bigger ...)
eyes that shine with love
especially for a big sister
kisses on top of his head
honest it better as it does avoid
goo from noses and such
holding him in your arms
while you sit down of course
errands around the house for mom
especially when she just got to sit down
and forgot to get something
she needs for the baby ...
I bet you'll be the first to know
what his favourite colour is
There will now be three
for reading, walks, talks and tea
Introductions will be a must
and you my dear will be his
personal ambassador
AND an unusually bright one
at that!

With Hugs

PS Please tell Nona and Mom that I wish them well with all the things they are doing. I bet they could write a book.

Molly said...

Lulu! It's a good thing you are exceptionally bright for a three year old because lots of people were missing hearing from your Nona. Now that you've started her off, maybe she'll get back to regular blogging! Do get lots of rest before the baby shower 'cause I'm betting you'll be very busy opening all those presents! And tell your Nona we expect a full blog account of the festivities!