Friday, September 26, 2014

orange crush

here's hoping that the on-line translator didn't lie and i'm not writing bad words in languages other than dianneish...

i do lurve me some orange...
 orange dream cookies ... adapted from this recipe for lemon cookies ... heaven on a plate, lemmetellya
 the garage door is finally painted ... mark that one off this list from a year ago ... this is how it looked in the early morning sunshine while the paint was still wet... it's a bit more mellow in Real Life ... needless to say, the new color has not been much of a hit with my neighbors ... and, also needless to say, i don't much care cuz i think it's kinda awesome ... and just look at the blue sky!!!
my orange kitty is named Pumpkitten ... finally, a cat that doesn't make my eyes swell shut
 renegade orange marigolds ... not where they are supposed to be
but i'm not gonna complain
 i did not know that cosmos came in orange till i was trying to find flowers that wouldn't clash with the garage door
 what's left of LuLu's tomatoes  ... she LURVES cherry tomatoes
 my new Bronco jammies ... to be worn only on game days
 coffee tastes better in a polka-dotted cup ... especially an ORANGE polka-dotted cup
my Lucy kit from Carrie Nelson at Miss Rosie's Quilt Company ... which i was lucky enough to score before they were all gone ... i was planning on swapping out the greys and blacks with blues so i could make a Bronco quilt, but the fabrics are just too doggone awesome ... and who am i to mess with a quilting genius's fabric choices?!?

Orange is the happiest color.
Frank Sinatra

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