Wednesday, November 4, 2009

yoo hoo!!!

i ran out of red fabric when i was adding the outer border to Mr. Husker's Homestead ... not to worry ... i knew they would still have some at Hobby Lobby and i was armed with a 40% off coupon ... of course, the fabric was already on sale ... for 30% off - doesn't that just figure? i hate it when i actually remember my coupons but everything i want is already on sale for more - so i used my coupon for another Moon in My Room just don't tell anybody cuz it's gonna be a christmas present ... but look who was calling...
yoo hoo!!!
i'm 50% off!!!
you know you want me!!!
i'm 50% off!!!
i'm pink and lovable!!!
and did i mention that i'm 50% off?!?
little flamingo fairie with her magick wand
... and i just couldn't walk away from such a pitiful little baby with big blue eyes


Jennifer said...

I have never seen a flamingo fairy!

Annemiek said...

Haha!! You can just SEE her calling your name!!

Shannon said...

everyone needs a little magic in their life

Gran said...

50% off! Calling your name because she saw you coming - well, she is funny and makes me laugh too.